I love things, which are short and light: eventualities, instant theory, Zwischenakte, espresso talks, in-between-moments, dimunitivi italiani, and finger exercises. In writing, I’m especially fond of picture haikus: a combination of an image and some words, but also of vignettes, taking minutes, and flash stories. Lately, I have been unfolding my writing practice with the leporello and by writing not on but with paper.

Try a Twombly

written together with Milos Zahradka Maiorana, based on our workshop at the Door Factory in Rome, which was an exercise in writing away from what writing is supposed to look like. Published as a limited artist edition by Multimondo Press, silkscreen cover, Rome, 2024 

DIY-Poems written in paper-maché

a multiple for Kunstkiosk44 on the topic of “breathless freedom”, Samso, Denmark, December 2023

Literary Breakfast

a series of zines available as literary breakfast at Cafe Monsieur Ibrahim, Kreuzberg: Improvements to the Italian Language, win  2023, Colour Poems, summer 2023 and upcoming Coffee Talk, winter 2024

Place of Weatherings + Villa Nr. 55

two booklets documenting an archive residency in 2 parts: Villa Nr. 55 is accompanied by a multiple of bookstands in paper-maché, that can also be seen as an embrace or as the garden walls of the villa.


Una passegiata italiana

Christmas 2022 

A Moveable Murder

Christmas 2021


Taking Minutes

Nordic House, Reykjavik 2022

I Am An Artist
I Am An Art Critic

2022, AAAAA PPPPP Publishing

Silly Poems

Arthur Cravan Foundation, Milano, 2020

Cuadreno de Islas

Quince Ediciones, 2022

Island Life

Quince Ediciones, 2019 

Iole and The Apartment

by Giorgia Minisini and An Paenhuysen, G.G.A. Minisini Resideny, Cividale del Friuli, 2020


Residency with a Schedule. A Creative Holiday for Dancers and Writers

Eve Ganneau, Giorgia Minisini, and An Paenhuysen, G.G.A. Minisini Residency, Cividale del Friuli, 2019

Underwear Secrets. Little Thoughts in Art

TFGC 2018

Underwear Secrets, II

Limited edition of 6 copies of Underwear Secrets with 10 flash stories in German and English, Hybriden Verlag, 2018

The Shape in the Air. An Art Philosophy for the 21st Century

minas-series of Hybriden-Verlag, Berlin in a limited edition, 2016.