In my teaching I use the tool of writing to think things through. I love the motto of Pop Art artist Sister Corita Kent: “Consider everything an experiment.” And I agree with Fluxus-artist Magnús Pálsson: “Teaching art is an art and should be an art… it demands the same energy, wealth of imagination, and talent for inspiring others towards creativity.”
For more information about my teaching, have a look at my
portfolio.Here are a few recent workshops:

How to Look at Art? (2)

May 2024, exhibition Rosemarie Trockel, Being Art Museum Shanghai, China

Artistic Thinking. Fostering Curiosity and Play in Education

Beyond Learning conference, Ithra Academy, Saudi Arabia, January 2023

Creative Writing in Art Criticism

April 2023, at Remont in Belgrade, with the support of the Goethe Institut Belgrad

Try a Twombly

a workshop at the Door Factory in Rome, supported by the Villa Massimo, Academia Tedesca. Co-taught with Milos Zahradka Maiorana of Multimondo Press. 

Walking on Paper

Together with the artist Ditte Lyngkaer Pedersen I taught a workshop "Walking on Paper” with her students at Byhøjskolen Århus in November 2022, Aarhus, Denmark.  

How To Look At Art? (1)

In November 2022 I was invited by the Ithra Academy in Saudi-Arabia to teach a workshop How to look at art? We collaborated once more in March 2023, this time at the Jeddah Islamic Art Biennale.

Do Birds Have Nationalities?

During the Goethe Morph* Festival at the Nordic House in Reykjavik, The House of the Deadly Doris-team taught a workshop for kids on the topic: Do Birds Have Nationalities?