I like to think that art criticism is for anyone who wants to write about the world we live in. Writing about art invites one to look at, and sense the world in a slightly different way. The critical part is often perceived as a negative, but I find that it is out of love for art that critical writing and thinking comes about. 

A few recent reviews:

My first Italian publication! “La Caduta del Cielo”, an interview with Helga Franza, for Segno, Sept. 2023. It was translated into Chinese by Wang Mengyin, and also published in English by Les Nouveaux Riches


Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso: The Language of Friendship, August 25, 2023, Sotheby’s 
(translated also into Chinese)

Susan Finlay's The Lives of Artists, (Joan Publishing), April 2023, Berlin Art Link

An interview with Perla Montelongo, director of Node and founder of the House of Inventions in Ciudad Juárez, Febr. 2023, Berlin Art Link

An interview with Catherine Nichols, curator of the Manifesta 14 in Prishtina, July 2022, Spike Magazine

a piece about Rene Magritte’s Galatea, June 2022, Sotheby’s

Petrit Halilaj’s and Alvaro Urbano’s exhibition at Chertluedde, May 2022, Berlin Art Link

Charlotte Duale’s exhibition Impuzzibil in Paris, March 2022, Les Nouveaux Riches

Daniel Chluba’s exhibition at BARK Gallery, March 2022, KAPUT Magazin for Insolvenz und Pop

The Surreal Charm of the Belgian Bourgeoisie, Febr. 2022, for Sotheby’s

“Fängt jede Revolution mit dumme Fragen an?”, in the special issue "beuys 2021" of the art magazine Monopol.