About the exhibition:

Up And Down. Today’s Avant-Garde as Tomorrow’s Salon Art?
took place in 2017 at KINDL - Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin. It presented artists who work between the blurred boundaries of subculture, high culture, and mainstream, questioning the mechanisms on which these attributions are based and exploring how they are negotiated. When is something considered high culture? And when is it considered subculture? Is subculture more authentic than kitsch, glamor, and pop? The exhibition showed artworks that set such categorisations in motion or reformulate them in simultaneities and asynchronicities.

An accompany limited art edition with multiples by the artists was published at Hybriden Verlag.

Artists: Lena Braun, Jennifer Danos, Grace Jones / Nick Hooker, Christine Sun Kim,
Akane Kimbara, Wolfgang Müller, Magnús Pálsson, Andy Warhol / Susan Sontag,
Ming Wong / The Island of Lost Souls

KINDL, April 2, 2017 - August 6, 2017

Image of Lena Braun’s inside-out sushi roll, photographed by Jens Ziehe