In 2021, curator Thibaut de Ruyter invited me to participate in the biennale Ochumelaya Vystavka — The Fine Hands Show, an exhibition of works conceived by 34 international artists in Berlin and implemented by more than one hundred producers in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) based on their instructions. This was my contribution: 

Five-Word Poems*

Come up with five (beautiful) words (in Russian or English) that have to do with Krasnoyarsk or its surroundings. Send those words to @anpaenhuysen. Following a random process, I will send you someone else’s five words. Write a poem (in Russian or English) that includes those words. If possible, make it rhyme. Print the poem on an A4 page and hang it on the wall in the museum.

* The Museum sends these instructions to five persons. The resulting poems will be translated so that they are available in both Russian and English.