What follows are writings that came about in a collaborative way, with fellow writers, visual storytellers, dancers, ... 

Letting-Go-Poem-For-Thinkers,2021 hhintersection, Hamburg, available online: This is an exercise from the Fluxus artist Robert Filliou’s book Teaching and Learning as Performance Arts, published in 1970. Together with the artist Emmett Williams, Filliou asked the audience at the closing of an exhibition to write down the name of something or somebody they would gladly get rid of. This was then collected and read as a collective poem. In the online workshop The Art of Thinking we adapted the exercise to a "Letting Go Poem for Thinkers". Since we were online, everyone was asked to write a maximum of four words in the chat box. I like to do this collective writing exercise in various workshops, also in the version of “Letting-Go-Poem-For-Art-Critics”. 

i cassetti, 2021, G.G.A. Minisini Residency, Cividale del Friuli.

It is always nice to have a container for thoughts and ideas and dreams. This container can be a notebook, but it can also be a box. For example, the time capsules of Andy Warhol. In the archive of the Minisini Pharmacy we found some old drawers that date back to the 1930s: i cassetti. We cleaned and restaured them, decorating their interior with some laminated colours. We then took photos of each box and created the booklets. Like friendship books they are given to people who can then fill a box with a dream.

Natural Poems, 2020 by Stavri, Çifligu, Olson Lamaj, Blerta Hoçia, Krisit Çunga, Lori Lako, Armela Lamaj, Diana Malaj, Alketa Ramaj. Graphic design by Kavalo Studio, Concept and editor An Paenhuysen. Coordinator: Valentina Koça The project is organized by ZETA Contemporary Art Centre and supported by Goethe-Zentrum Tirana

Sometimes poems are already written in our everyday and they just need to be framed to become visible. Go around in a space, in a museum, in the streets, or in nature, and see if there are any poetic elements you can frame with your hands, your body, or with another form of juxtaposition. Photograph this poem. Give it a title.

First Poems, 2020 by Johannes Buch, Aidan Celeste, Isaac Azzopardi, Samuel Ciantar, Letta Shothryn, Stefan Nestoroski, Manuela Zammit. 

Malta is surrounded by blue. Everything one does, I'm told, always ends up at sea. Blue happens to be the perfect colour to start writing poetry, maybe because it seems so far off and distant? So we did write poems about blue in a creative writing workshop I taught for Driven By Points Made Apart. Now the first poems of the participating artists have been published. Coordinators: Aidan Celeste and Manuela Zammit, with the support of Arts Council Malta.

Iole and the Apartment Nr. 1, 2020, with Giorgia Minisini, G.G.A. Minisini Residency, Cividale del Friuli, 

"The apartment was like a dress. It was part of her character." This visual story on Iole Gobitti Minisini (1918 - 2013) and her apartment came about in September 2020. It was written by her granddaughter Giorgia Minisini and visiting resident An Paenhuysen to commemorate Iole and celebrate the last residency of G.G.A. Minisini Resideny in Iole's Apt #1, Largo Boiani 15, 33043 Cividale del Friuli. The stories are based on interviews conducted by Giorgia and An with family members, staff and friends of Iole. The book is printed in a limited edition of 30 copies.

Dictionary of Accepted Ideas, 2020 by Mari Kalabegashvili, Mariam Tatrishvili, Nino Khundadze, Tamuna Bakhtadze, Gvantsa Jgushia, Sameer Mura Kermalli. Concept: An Paenhuysen, Visual storytelling: Ulli Grötz

Together with the participants of an art writing workshop I taught in Tbilisi, we published this beautiful zine with aphorisms. The workshop took place in the context of the Rosemarie Trockel exhibition at Window Project gallery. With the support of Ifa and Goethe Institut Georgien.

Rosemarie Trockel, 2020
Together with visual storyteller Ulli Grötz I conceptualised an accompanying booklet for the travelling exhibition Rosemarie Trockel of Ifa (Institute of Foreign Affairs, Stuttgart) 

Creative Writing in Art, 2020, by Angelique Muller, Erica Giusta Maria Eileen Fsadni, Karin Grech, Aidan Celeste, Chiara Cassar, Lino Buhagiar, Miriam Calleja, Ashmi Asluwalia, Svenja Schaefer, Priscilla Cassar, Naomi Bajada Young. Supported by a Project Support Grant, Malta Arts Fund - Arts Council Malta, and by Valletta Vintage and Artpaper

Nicole Bearman (We Live Here) and Magerita Pulè (Unfinished Art Space) invited me November 2019 to teach a Creative Art Writing Workshop in Valetta, Malta. A workshop can function as a way to form a community of writers who can share a thinking space. Also, this booklet is a community, and this time it is meeting on paper. 

Residency with a Schedule, A Creative Holiday for Dancers and Writers, 2019 with Eve Ganneau and Giorgia Minisini, G.G.A. Minisini Resideny, Cividale del Friuli

During the residency in September 2019 two dancers, Eve Ganneau and Giorgia Minisini, and a writer, An Paenhuysen met. The exercises they conceptualised for writing and dancing to meet are documented in a publication "Residency with a Schedule. A Creative Holiday for Dancers and Writers". If you are going on a residency and you need a schedule, this is the perfect book. But even in the everyday, these are exercises for everyone who is interested in embodied writing, expanding writing, using the body, etc...  Each publication is unique, coloured-in and stamped!

NÄET, 2019, Art Fair Suomi magazine, with support of the Goethe Institute Helsinki and Svenska Kulturfonden

This art newspaper was conceptualized during an art writing workshop with “MUU writes.” It took place from 25 to 27 April in MUU Galleria at the Cable Factory. Outside the fishermen were fishing for herring and inside the writers were doing their thing. On the last day of the workshop it was sunny and suddenly the trees started blooming. I was told that summers are short in Finland. “The summer was nice and I actually enjoyed the whole day,” Liisa laughed. As everywhere else in the world, weather is a topic of small talk in Finland. But in Finnish, so I was told, one says “it has been weather,” which doesn’t mean that the weather has been good or bad but it’s just a way of starting a conversation. This is similar to the title of this magazine: NÄET. You see, NÄET means nothing much and escapes translation. Also good art tends to escape us. But in this newspaper we tried to catch its tail.

You can read the story behind this magazine here, and also download them for free. 

Node Center Notebooks, 2015-2017

At Node Center for Curatorial Studies we launched three e-books as a collection of exercises from my online course “Creative Forms in Art Criticism and Writing”. You can download them for free.
The first volume, launched in 2015, experimented with science fiction writing in art criticism: The Future Is... The second volume, published in 2016, is titled "I Am Writing To... Open Letters in Art Criticism. You can download it on the Node website. The third book appeared in 2017: Fiction Nonfiction. Storytelling in Art Criticism.